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  • Accomodating. Holds many different objects including up to 9 wood boards, 9 plastic rebreakable boards, or 3 cap blocks.

  • Flexible. Orients boards and blocks in almost any way and height possible allowing for a full array of techniques including strikes from either the front or side such as punch, back fist, knife-hand attack, hammer fist, elbow, front kick, side kick, back kick, roundhouse kick, spinning hook kick, etc.

  • Realistic. Simulates both a single person holding the board, or two people holding boards.

  • Inexpensive. At only $299 Board Brother is very affordable compared to our nearest competitor which costs $599.
Board Brother was designed, built, tested, and used by a team of black belts and engineers to help prepare for test and tournament board breaking. While sparing the holder's fingers from misplaced kicks and their face from flying boards, students can increase training time breaking in private at home. Often, martial artists may not spend enough time practicing board breaking in class. And, even when they do, practice is different than tournament breaking. Differences include using targets or foam boards instead of wood, two people holding each board, etc. whereas in tournaments there are often only enough volunteers for one person to hold boards at a time. This board holder can simulate breaking with one person holding the board.